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About Marianne

Born Marianne Hederström in Gällivare Lappland , brought up in Kiruna and Skellefteå in Sweden.

The girl from the Far North who became photographer, author, world citizen and connoisseur of the art of living."The gretaest art is the art of living!" This is the description the American author Anaïs Nin gave of her friend Marianne Greenwood: "Marianne is the eternal vagabond. She is restless in big cities and she is always dreaming of far away places. She got a rare gift for friendship, not only for natives whose language she does not speak, but all who she temporarily pays visits to around the world. People just love to receive her. She is a wonderful storyteller. Listeners will be taken as by the wind to and fro - and will experience colours, smells and adventure - even without seeing the rich photographic material from alla her travels. The greatest art is the art of living, says Marianne"

Just before the end of the War Marianne moved to Stockholm and the art school of design. After various jobs one as draftsman she moved to Switzerland and the hotel school in Lausanne. After a Paris sejour she went to the Mediterranean city of Antibes where she lived seven years in the Musée Picasso. Here she became the "in-house photographer" for the collection of the museum but she also portrayed Picasso and his family and visting friends as Matisse, Chagall, Miró och Leger.

At this time she also began a long friendship and co-operation with Evert Taube - the troubadour today regarded as a national poet of Sweden. He stayed for long period in Antibes. Together they roamed the Camarque in Southern France. During several decades she lived together with the ingenous people in the Americas, the Pacific Islands, in Papua New Guinea and parts of Asia.

Marianne has contributed with her texts and photos in books and magazines in France, Germany, the United States, Sweden and other countries. Her own books has been published in several countries.

Marianne has received the 2005 Lifetime Achievement Award by the Wingsquest Foundation in New York.

Marianne enjoyed the last years of her life in her beloved Antibes, France.


Marianne Hederström Greenwood is with her portrait gallery represented in the Etnographical Museum in Stockholm with 30.000 pictures some of which have been shown in connection to the UN travelling exihibitions Ingenous People (1995) and Children of the World (1996)

Musée Picasso Antibes. Great collection of photographical pictures of the museum collection and of Pablo Picasso and his family. Separate exihibitions 1997 and 1998 Separate exhibition of portraits in Antibes: Gallerie La Cyclades 1997 and TransArt Café 2006.

Archive of her own with pictures of Evert Taube. Also photos of other friends and artist such as Henry Miller, Anais Nin and Fritz Lang.

About Marianne

The Vanishing World of Marianne Greenwood
Mankind Magazine
Los Angeles August 1969
Magnificent Vagabonde
Playgirl Magazine
Los Angeles May 1974
Unconventional Lady
Pictural Living
New York November 1965
Med nyfikenheten som biljett
Stockholm 1996
Picasso fångad av Taubes musa
Dagens Nyheter
April 20 1997
En vagabond med tycke för Taube
February 1999
Najaden från Lappland
nr 1/2000
Marianne och hennes vänner
Tidningen Vi
 nr 27/28 2000


Four programs
Swedish National Television Corp
Two programs


Six programs
Swedish National Radio
Participating in a radioshow
New York

Documentary film about Marianne

Broadcast on national television in the Nordic countries 2008-2010. Available on DVD.

Books and other publications by Marianne

Vignette pour les vignerons (French)
Text – Jacques Prévert
Photo – Marianne Greenwood
Illustrations – Françoise Gilot
Falaize Paris 1951
Crédit Agricole 1993
Picasso à Musée d'Antibes (French)
Text – André Verdet
Photo – Marianne Greenwood
Falaize Paris 1954
Svarta Tjurar (Black bulls) (Swedish)
Text – Evert Taube
Photo – Marianne Greenwood
Rabén & Sjögren Stockholm 1958
Picasso in Antibes
Text – Dor de la Souchère
Photo – Marianne Greenwood

Lund Humphries London Hazan Paris Prestel Verlag München, Pantheon Books New York 1960
Återkomst (Swedish)
Text – Evert Taube
Photo – Marianne Greenwood
Rabén & Sjögren Stockholm 1961
Återkomst (Swedish) Audio Book
Text – Evert Taube
Voice – Sven-Bertil Taube
Booklet Photos – Marianne Greenwood

Bonnier Audio Stockholm 2003
Land of the Mayas
Text – Carleton Beals
Photo – Marianne Greenwood

Abelard Schumann New York, London, Toronto 1967
The incredible Incas
Text – Carleton Beals
Photo – Marianne Greenwood

Abelard Schumann New York, London, Toronto 1970
Mexico by Erwin Fieger
Text – Marianne Greenwood
Photo – Erwin Fieger

Accidentia Verlag Düsseldorf 1974,
Universe Books New York 1974
IPC 1974: Spanish, French, English, German and Swedish.
Det Tatuerade Hjärtat i Livingston (Swedish)
Text – Marianne Greenwood
Rabén & Sjögren Stockholm 1964,
Bokförlaget Trevi Stockholm 1976
The Tattooed Heart of Livingstone
Text – Marianne Greenwood
Stein & Day New York 1965,
W.H. Allen London 1965
Mein Indianischer Sommer (German)
Text and photo – Marianne Greenwood
Bertelsmann München 1975
Indianerna kallar det sött salt (Swedish)
Text and photo – Marianne Greenwood
Trevi Stockholm 1975,
Bra Böcker Höganäs 1975
Varför gråter puman? (Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish)
Text and photo – Marianne Greenwood
Trevi Stockholm 1984,
Bra Böcker Höganäs 1984
Kom i min famn (Swedish)
Text – Evert Taube
Cover photo – Marianne Greenwood

Albert Bonnier 1990
Evert Taube – ett personligt porträtt (Swedish)
Text and photo – Marianne Greenwood
Wiken Höganäs 1984
Resa i min adressbok (Swedish)
Text and photo – Marianne Greenwood
Trevi Stockholm 1989
Reise in meinem Adreßbuch (German)
Text and photo – Marianne Greenwood
Rowohlt Hamburg 1991
Mankind Magazine (Los Angeles)
Contributing with articles, cover photos and photographic illustrations in 12 issues.
Merian Magazine (Hamburg) (German)
Published several articles and photos with motifs from Brazil, Thailand, the Caribbean, Mexico and Sweden.
Vogue Magazine (New York)
Article By Mexico Possessed December 1974
The American Indian
Text – Raymond Friday Locke
Cover photo – Marianne Greenwood

Mankind Los Angeles 1970
Sweet Salt
Text – Raymond Friday Locke
Cover photo – Marianne Greenwood
Roundtable Publ. Santa Monica 1990
The Book of the Navajo
Text – Raymond Friday Locke
Cover photo – Marianne Greenwood

Mankind Los Angeles 1976


Catch the Moment

The documentary film about Marianne had its world premiere screening at the Gothenburg Film Festival 2008.

The film was broadcast on Swedish public television six times 2008-2010.It was also broadcast on national television in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

The film (subtitles in English and French) is available on DVD from

2005 Lifetime Achievement Award

WINGS - the trust for women explorers - awarded Marianne Hederström Greenwood its Women of Discovery Award for Lifetime Achievement 2005. The awards event took place at the National Arts Club in New York on March 2. See photo of Marianne together with the four other awardees.
More information at

A luncheon honoring Marianne was also given by the Consulate General of Sweden at the residence of the Ambassador Kjell Annerling. On March 3 the NY Hall of Science hosted a special day for Marianne and the other winners to meet school children. There was also an exihibition of Marianne's photographical collection at the National Arts Club . A Photographic Retrospective 1943-1990.

During this week in New York Marianne was also a guest at television show broadcast on CNN Headline News November 11. She was also guest on the Leonard Lopate Show a live radio show on WNYC broadcast on the National Public Radio network. Listen to the program on the web. In New York Marianne was also interviewed for TV4 - the commercial television network in Sweden.


A successful photographic exhibition opened at the Ethnographical Museum in Stockholm January 28 2006. In October it moved to Luleå in Northern Sweden. In December 2006 it was exhibited in Gällivare (Marianne's place of birth) Laponia also in Northern Sweden.

Marianne's pictures has also be on exhibition in April 2006 in Forth Worth (Texas). A photograhic exhibition including seminars (France) in September 2006 at the gallery Transart café in Antibes.


Marianne died February 3rd 2006 in Antibes, France and was buried in Stockholm.